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Content & Creative Development


As creatives, we have  helped many startups and created many important, innovative products. But we also bring a clear head and a cold eye to the media business. We remain unseduced by its glamour and glitz. We focus instead on your organisation’s bottom line, the ultimate measure of its success.


Our extensive experience enables us to find solutions to your business problems quickly and efficiently, integrating the rapid changes taking place in the media sector. Because we are always practical, we not only help you figure out what to do but also can work with your staff to implement recommendations to ensure they are realized.

Fit for business

We design consulting teams to serve your unique needs. The consulting team you hire is the team that will work on your project from beginning to end. It will be the size you need – whether that’s one person or a dozen – and have the know-how you require. 




Biz Dev



We want to do it!

CrankUp Advisory provides consulting services for every segment of the media industry, for major companies and start-ups in Africa. We also apply our understanding of strategy, marketing, communication, and distribution on behalf of companies. We have a proven track record of successful engagements.

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